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Huapi Studio assists creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses in achieving their goals with exceptionally fast and visually stunning websites.

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Inky Expressions

Design & Web Development

Inky Expressions ➚

A vibrant website for a podcaster. We managed both the design and development processes in close collaboration with our client.

Kaizens Korea

Design & Web Development

Kaizens Korea ➚

A corporate-style website for a South Korean company. The client requested a minimalist and clean design, emphasizing white space and easily readable text.

RHiZO Architecture

Web Development

RHiZO Architecture ➚

This project involved redesigning a website. We've rebuilt the entire site from the ground up using modern technologies, refreshing majority of design elements, and significantly enhancing overall performance.

Atelier Nous Paris

Design & Web Development

Atelier Nous ➚

Worked closely with a client to design and develop the foundation for this website, ensuring that the client can independently add pages and sections in the future.

Seishin Arts Austria

Design & Web Development

Seishin Arts ➚

The client desired a traditional structural layout and appearance, reminiscent of the popular style in Japan, a country closely linked to the website's topic.

Kit Carson County Carousel

Design & Web Development

Kit Carson County Carousel ➚

Collaborated closely with the client to seamlessly integrate graphics featuring animals and logos. These elements, along with the playable music on the home page, form integral components of this website.

Steveston Health Collective

Web Development

Steveston Health Collective ➚

Collaborated closely with our partners at Shida Studio to bring the design to life in its full glory while ensuring the website's performance and responsiveness are maintained at the highest level.

Play Active School Soccer

Design & Web Development

Play Active School Soccer ➚

Simple static website with an integrated flat-file CMS platform. This empowers the client to effortlessly make simple edits to the website within a matter of seconds.

Passive Logic

Web & Design System Development

Passive Logic ➚

Collaborated closely with the team at Passive Logic to bring their design ideas to life, simultaneously creating a design system. This system is now utilized by the team for ongoing updates and expansions, maintaining the website's consistent design and style.

Kenjutsu Austria

Design & Web Development

Kenjutsu Austria ➚

Designed and developed another Japanese-style website featuring a traditional yet fully responsive design, ensuring fast performance across all devices.

We have successfully developed over 300 websites in the last 17 years. If you wish to explore more examples of our work, please contact us using the link below.

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Our Partners.

Some of the companies and individuals we are working with.

Eldar has been nothing short of incredible in developing our website. His quick response and service were beyond expectations, ensuring that every part of the process moved smoothly and swiftly.

What stood out was Eldar's amazing creativity; he brought fresh, innovative ideas that truly elevated our site design. Moreover, his meticulous attention to detail ensured that no aspect was overlooked, resulting in a flawless final product.

Karen Hood Visual West Design

Maxim Tarannik


Partnering with Huapi Studio has been a seamless collaboration of creativity. The designer, Eldar, was referred to us by a fellow artist and was selected to produce a very professional and fun website.

Eldar’s grasp of our concept as well as his insightful input lead to a very unique site for our client. It has been very well received and garnered a lot of attention for not only ourselves but to the delight of our client.

Karen Hood Visual West Design

Karen Hood

Visual West Design

Eldar has been a huge help for us getting our website implemented through Blocs, on a variety of areas of the project. This includes page design, improved navigation, self-hosted blog implementation, and more.

He is very knowledgable across the entire application, communicates fast, and has always been game to help us meet our quick-turnaround deadlines.

Karen Hood Visual West Design

Mitch Kasyon


Eldar, the lead desinger at Huapi Studio, was (and still is) a pleasure to work with. He is detail oriented with respect to both design and SEO and works hard to exceed our expectations.

We would highly recommend Huapi Studio for all website needs as we are confident they will be part of our team long term.

Stephanie Wascha Rhizo Architecture

Stephanie Wascha

RHiZO Architecture

I asked Huapi Studio to make the website for one of my projects, The Horde of Counterwinds, which was selected for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2022.

The deadlines were really tight, as we finished producing the site’s assets 48 hours before the market presentation, and they were able to produce an ultra-light, high-performance site that was extremely well referenced within the allotted time.

Pierre Cattan Small Bang Studio

Pierre Cattan

Small Bang Studio

I am thrilled with the exceptional work delivered by the team at Huapi Studio on our website design project. Their creativity, attention to detail, and seamless collaboration resulted in a visually stunning and user-friendly website that exceeded our expectations.

The entire process was smooth, and I highly recommend their expertise to anyone seeking top-notch design solutions.

Concetta Sangrigoli Atelier Nous


Inky Expressions

Eldar is not only a top professional but also a real expert in Blocs. Working with him on various client website projects, I've seen his consistent quality and dedication. He's great at asking the right questions and is always quick to respond, making every project go smoothly.

I particularly admire his clean, minimal style that perfectly balances design and function. I'm always looking forward to future projects with Eldar.

Kenji Doshida Shida Studio

Kenji Doshida

Shida Studio

As creative director of the carousel, we have produced over the years, very memorable graphic branding. Huapi Studio seized on the style and elevated it to a new dimension on the website. Eldar, the designer, has continually astounded us with creative insights and really cool ways to portray the carousel.

I am extremely satisfied and would recommend Huapi Studio to anyone who wants to achieve new levels.

Rand Hood Kit Carson County Carousel

Rand Hood

Kit Carson County Carousel

다른 업체를 통해 제작한 홈페이지가 있었지만 퀄리티가 낮고 구조적인 문제가 있어서 새로운 홈페이지를 제작해야 했습니다. Huapi Studio 회사를 알게 되었고 정말 훌륭한 디자인과 적절한 레이아웃 배치로 시안성이 너무 좋아졌습니다. 무엇보다 디자이너의 피드백이 빠르고 정확합니다. 다른 업체의 경우 신청 순서에 따라 제작하는 사람이 달라지고 퀄리티도 달라지지만 이곳은 높은 레벨의 디자이너가 직접 제 의견을 듣고 반영해주기 때문에 보다 높은 퀄리티를 기대할 수 있습니다.

가격도 합리적이어서 앞으로도 많이 이용할 것 같습니다.

Minjae Jun Kaizens Korea

Minjae Jun

Kaizens Korea

We needed to redesign our site and chose to do it with the Blocs app. Not only did Eldar from Huapi Studio support us in the creation of the website, giving us the tools to manage the built website later, but he also advised us on how to achieve top-class SEO. Our new site is also ultra-light and accessible on all devices.

I'm sure Huapi Studio will be able to meet the needs of small and large entrepreneurs alike in their online communication media.

Concetta Sangrigoli Atelier Nous

Concetta Sangrigoli

Atelier Nous

I have been using Eldar's products and services for many years and on any occasion whenever I have needed to ask for some help, Eldar has always responded very quickly and efficiently.

Even was available on the phone which these days is a rarity! I trust his advice and highly recommend him.

Rand Hood Kit Carson County Carousel

Lawrence Carne

Rent Southport

Website Integrations.

We will take your website to the next level with some great integrations of the best web technologies available on the market.

Blocs Library
Volt CMS
Google Analitics


Quality services you can rely on.

Unlike larger firms, we offer a unique, one-on-one collaboration with a dedicated creative director, ensuring a focus on quality from start to finish.

What we can do for you:

Website Design

Landing Pages


Content Strategy

Visual Identity

Photo & Video Editing


Tech Consulting


Design Systems

Business Consulting

Marketing Strategy

CMS Integration

Social Media

Agency Partnership

Content Creation

Ways to work together:

huapi website project

Fixed Project Fee

Website Project

A responsive, high-converting website tailored for you or your business, starting from $3,280 for a 5-page site. After the intro call, expect a fixed project cost proposal.

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huapi landing page project

Fixed Project Fee

Landing Project

Single-page landing website optimized for the highest conversion rate (just like this one). A perfect home for your product or service. A fixed project cost of just $2,280.

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huapi maintenance plan


Maintenance Plan

If Huapi Studio designed your website, enjoy our 24/7 maintenance for seamless, worry-free operation. Focus on your business while we handle the technical details. $99/mo.

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web design partner


Web Design Partner

For all your website building and management needs, or if you desire a dedicated web design specialist for your company, Huapi Studio is here for you at a small monthly fee.

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Answers to
Popular Questions

Your website's delivery timeframe depends on the project size and our current availability. Typically, we aim to complete projects within 1 to 6 weeks, ensuring the focus on absolute highest quality of the delivered website.

At Huapi Studio, we leverage the latest technologies to build cutting-edge websites. When it comes to web design platforms, we have expertise in Framer, Squarespace, and Blocs. During our introductory call, we'll collaboratively decide on the most suitable platform for your unique needs, considering the strengths and nuances of each.

Design Partnership at Huapi Studio goes beyond individual projects. With this offering, you can collaborate closely with our dedicated designers, led by Eldar, on an unlimited number of projects. This fosters a more seamless and sustained design experience for your company. Further details and tailored pricing for Design Partnership can be discussed during our initial call, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals and expectations.

At Huapi Studio, we understand the importance of flexibility in payment arrangements. Typically, we operate on a 50/50 basis – meaning you make an initial payment of 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% upon the completion of the project. This approach ensures a fair and balanced payment structure, aligning with the progress of our collaborative efforts.

When you entrust us with the maintenance of a website we've crafted for you, our service goes beyond routine care. For a nominal monthly fee of $97, we offer small, impactful updates – up to 2 per month. These updates may involve tweaking text, adding a blog post, changing images, or similar enhancements to keep your site fresh.

Please note that any structural changes to your website fall outside the scope of our maintenance service. The costs associated with substantial modifications will be openly discussed and agreed upon separately, ensuring transparency and alignment with your evolving needs.

At Huapi Studio, we embrace flexibility in project size and scope, always tailoring our services to meet your unique needs. While we are adept at handling various project sizes, our sweet spot lies in crafting small to medium-sized websites. This focus allows us to deliver projects with real impact and exceptional efficiency, ensuring your online presence is not just visually appealing but also optimally functional.

We believe in ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final result. We offer as many draft revisions as needed, always striving for perfection within reasonable limits.

Our experience has shown that a harmonious balance is usually achieved with 2~3 revisions. This sweet spot not only ensures an optimal end product but also respects the valuable time of both our team and our clients.

Absolutely! We specialize in creating e-commerce websites tailored to your business needs. Whether you're starting an online store or upgrading an existing one, we'll work with you to implement secure and efficient e-commerce solutions.

patagonia nahuel huapi lake

About Huapi Studio

Welcome to our web design agency, where simplicity meets sophistication. Located at the Lake Nahuel Huapi in the Patagonian mountains, we have been crafting beautifiul websites for the past 17 years.

We specialize in creating high-quality, fast, and responsive websites that not only look amazing but also drive high conversion rates, taking your business or brand to the next level. While our focucs is always on simplicity and minimalism, we are flexible to meet our clients' diverse needs.

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